2013 in Review

I didn’t really set any 2013 goals other than one million in assets and half of a million in net worth.

We’ve got a net worth of just under $540k, which meets that goal, and our assets are just over $992k, so we’re close to the million point, but not quite there yet.  We might make it with the end of year paychecks (our gross is higher than 8k), but I’m waiting for our contractor to cash his 7k check, so we’re really dependent on the markets going up that much or our house value going up that much.  Our house value estimate has pretty much stayed the same all year long, so I’m not expecting it from there.  We might get lucky and the markets might increase enough to make up the difference.  Either way, we’re really close to it.

We did OK sticking to our budget, although I would like to do better.  I almost feel like we’re a bit too lax sometimes, and willing to take from other categories to cover things more than we should.  The overages haven’t been consistently in any one category, so I don’t think we should increase anything yet.  We’ve been much better about not going out to eat as often, or when we do, going to a place we have a coupon for or that’s inexpensive anyway.  Many times, I overestimate in some categories (usually our electric bill), or our car taxes aren’t as high as I was expecting (I base it off of the previous year’s amount, and cars do usually decline…), so that money can get “repurposed”.

For 2014, I’m definitely setting a few goals, financially and otherwise, which I can work towards during the year.

2 thoughts on “2013 in Review

  1. donebyforty

    A million in assets is fantastic! I wish we were near that (I don’t know if we’ll ever eclipse that mark, to be honest…but time will tell.)

    That’s a great goal though…maybe I can set a NW/asset goal for 2014 as well. Thanks for the idea.

    1. Mom Post author

      It’s mostly a coincidence of where we live – our house is over half a million by itself, the rest comes from retirement accounts and savings/checking accounts. We’re hoping to retire early to a different location, with less expensive housing – and using the equity in our house to outright buy a new place.


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