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Total items out of the house: ???/365

I really have no idea how many things are no longer in the house, because this past weekend, we almost finished packing up the house for the movers to come on the 27th. I took 2 RAV4’s (with the middle seats folded down) worth of trash and recycling to the dump. We also had a junk removal company come and take the piano, a couch and a daybed. We thought about listing them for free on craigslist, but I was concerned about timing (we were only in town for 1.5 days) and potential damage to the house with amateurs trying to move the piano. Since the piano was going, we had them take two other large furniture items we knew weren’t going to fit in the new house as well. $450 well spent I think.

I tried to sell three more items via a Facebook yard sale, but no bites. I think we won’t be using them in the new place, but they’re either worth much more if I had time to let them sit on craigslist, or they might fit in the new place, so we’ll just pay to move them with us and address the issue later.

I have a few (3) boxes marked donation – I don’t have time to get them to the donation center, so they’re in clearly marked boxes and will go straight to the donation center in Pittsburgh once stuff is out of storage. We’re paying by weight, so I’m not too concerned about the cost to move/store them.

When you put all of your stuff in the garage in boxes, you really get an idea of just how much stuff you have. We have a two-car garage – pretty normal in size. It is completely full of boxes about 4-5ft high with a little path all along the edge, and we have more boxes scattered throughout the house. On the plus side, we have almost everything packed up – there are a few last minute things (like sheets on the beds) to pack, but we’ll be able to do that the night before or the morning the movers come. We’ve gotten to the point where we wonder how exactly to pack certain things – like snow shovels…

We’re almost to closing, and it’s looking like we’ll make it to closing on October 1 without any issues. I’ve already put on my calendar when to call the electric company and water company to come out and get final readings. Looking forward to being mortgage free for a few months!

4 thoughts on “Donating, Trashing, Selling, Moving

  1. plantingourpennies

    It’s a little late for this time, but next time you might want to check your thrift shops and see if they do pickups. Most of them around here do, and they don’t need a lot of notice. Might help next time you have items that you don’t have enough time to turn around on Craigslist.

    1. Mom Post author

      I usually use a pick up service, but they only do weekdays – and most don’t want a piano 🙁 We’ll probably use one once we move things out of storage. I’m sure we’ll find things that we no longer have use or space for.

    1. Mom Post author

      All contingencies are expired and we’re signing our side of the paperwork tomorrow afternoon! I called all the utilities and insurance to have everything cut ‘off’ on October 2. I don’t want to say it’s ‘done’ until the money is in our account, but we’re 95% of the way there!


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