How I’m Going to Meet my Household/Parenting Goals


  • Get rid of diapers!
  • Get rid of another 365 things in 365 days
  • Finish the tile in our basement project

Getting Rid of Diapers

Daughter Person has been potty trained for #1 for the last 6 months, and has gone over a month with no accidents outside of sleeping (nap/bedtime).  She’s even doing pretty good with the naps as long as we can get to her when she’s just waking up and convince her to use the potty.  We tried a few nights to let her sleep without a diaper, but she soaks herself and doesn’t wake up, so I don’t think we’re there yet.  We’ll let her decide when she wants to sleep without a diaper.

#2 is going to be our nemesis.  She used to try #2 in the potty – about 25% of the time, now she’s just refusing to use it and uses her undies instead.  At this point, we’ve tried bribing, cajoling, shaming, and begging.  We’ve moved on to the “have it your way kid, we’ll just let you walk around in it for a few minutes” phase.  She *loves* Pixar’s “Cars”, and I spent way more than I probably should have to create a “goodie bag” of Cars things she can pick from if she does #2 on the potty.  She gets shown this bag at least daily, and it still hasn’t helped – she hasn’t been able to pick one single thing from it in almost a month.

Night time is the only time we’re using diapers, and I’m getting a few of the older ones ready to re-sell to a friend who’s due in April (she asked if she could buy them from us, so I’m giving her a reduced price).  Pretty soon, we’ll have 5 diapers (out of the approximately 32 we started with).  Hopefully, by the time she’s 4, she’ll be able to stay dry at night too!

365 Less Things

I’m continuing this year with trying to rid our house of another 365 things.  I’ve already made a bit of a start.  But I’m going through the storage closets in the basement and in our crawl space.  Dad might let me into his office to see about getting rid of more things.  Our TV room has a lot of furniture in it that we want to get rid of and replace with one entertainment center, so there is a lot of opportunity there.   My goal is to pick one room a month to purge – clothes, toys, knick knacks, etc.  Daughter Person’s room is this month.  The donation box is overflowing with old books and toys.  I’m finally getting rid of the 24 month clothes she still has floating around, and some diapering things that we don’t need any more.  Much of it is going into a box to offer to my expecting friend – she gets first rights of refusal, but she’s having a boy, so not many of the clothes are suitable.

Finish the Basement Project

I have promised Dad that the basement will be finished this year (I would like to have it done before summer, but that might be pushing it)!  I’ve already scraped out the carpet glue inside the closets that have already been cleared of carpet, so we can store things in them until it comes time to do the tile.  I’ve gotten rid of several things that were taking up space via freecycle.  I have to move a few things around so Dad can remove the rest of the carpet, and I can get started on getting up more carpet glue.

I plan to work in the basement at least 2-3 hours per week, depending on how tired I am.  It’s not exactly a safe place for Daughter Person, so we can’t really let her play down there while we work 🙁

2 thoughts on “How I’m Going to Meet my Household/Parenting Goals

  1. donebyforty

    I didn’t know you were upgrading your basement, but that sounds like a great way to add value to your home. Great long term project, and best of luck!

    1. Mom Post author

      We tore up the carpet last May because of an A/C leak and smelly carpet. I wanted tile in the basement to be able to ride through any other leaks/backups (3 in the 5 years we’ve lived in the house – 2 were sewer main line backups – ew!). We’re also removing a cabinet that’s blocking a large return and making it better suited for storing all of our canning supplies. Otherwise, not much is changing – I’m just being stubborn to do it myself 🙂


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