March 2014 Early Retirement Progress

March was good on the contributions front, but not so much on the investment increases. We only gained $1,114.75 through investment increases. But, we contributed $3,298.7 to our accounts. That includes our employer matches.

The markets were relatively flat this month, which is better than January’s decrease.  This is the first month where we contributed the maximum to Dad’s account, and I’m likely to increase my contributions before the end of the year.

If we continue to contribute at this rate, we’ll add almost $40,000 to our accounts in contributions alone – more than the planned $35,000.  And that’s without me increasing my contribution rate to the maximum.  I’m going to wait until June to actually do it, but I suspect that I will be updating our overall plan to be slightly more aggressive – at least for our contributions for 2014.

2014 Totals

So far, for 2014, we’ve contributed $9,874.20 (28.21% of our planned total), and we’ve gained $7,169.64 in investment gains (35.39% of our planned total).

2 thoughts on “March 2014 Early Retirement Progress

  1. donebyforty

    $40k in contributions in a year is HUGE. That’s fantastic, and I’m so glad to hear you’re on track to beat your goals! Way to go.


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