New Milestone: 750k invested

Since the number has stayed above 750k for the last few weeks, it’s time to say that we have more than 750k invested.  15k of that is a 529plan for college, so it’s not all retirement focused, but it’s still a significant chunk of money.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when we had half a million in our accounts (just over a year and a half).  It’s true, once you have money, it grows quickly.  We’re approaching the 1 million networth mark as well – Personal Capital claims it’s 867k right now, but I know that’s off since it hasn’t synced certain accounts in over a month.  When it comes to deciding if we have “enough” to retire, it will be purely based on our non-529 investment accounts and not our net worth.

The gap in the graph is when Dad’s 401k moved from Mass Mutual (cheapest S&P500 index was .83%) to Fidelity (.05%).  I’m much happier about the move, since we have real choices for investments in that account now – and significantly lower fees.  We didn’t have access to log into either account for just over a month, so neither did Personal Capital.

Are you basing your retirement off of invested assets or net worth?

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