Trip to Goodwill

Total items out of the house: 236/365

I got this number thanks to Intuit’s ItsDeductible (no affiliate link, I just like them).  I put all of my items into their list and it gives me two things: 1) a record of everything I/we donated, and 2) estimated values to use for tax deduction time.

I went through the old clothes in Daughter Person’s room, and got rid of all the small clothes.  They were mostly 18mth clothes from last winter and this summer.  She had some 24mth and 2T clothes last summer, so I wanted to save what I thought might fit her this upcoming summer.  I kept one small box of summer clothes that will probably fit her.  It also let me know what I might need to get for her.  She’s firmly in the 24mth/2T sizes at the moment, although ones that are on the small side of the size no longer fit her.  Based on anecdotal evidence, she should still be in 24mth/2T this summer – depending on when she’s out of her diaper.  She might even be in 3T by the end of the summer.

I also went through some of the random things in our dining room and basement and got rid of old tupperware, some serving ware, and a few “tchotchkes” like vases and kettles.

I ended up taking three rather large boxes to Goodwill.  I prefer the Lupus Foundation’s pick up, but they aren’t/weren’t offering pickup in our area anymore apparently.  So, I sent the things off to Goodwill.  I *should* have shopped at Goodwill for Daughter Person’s summer wardrobe, but it totally slipped my mind until I was pulling away from the store.  I’ll go back later though.

Of course, as soon as I got back home, I was seeing other things that I should have donated or had talked about donating “next time”.  Oh well, I started a box in the guest room with those things, so that they make their way out the door “next time”.

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