Year End Dividends – Happy Holidays!

Fidelity paid out their end of year distributions on 12/19 this year.  We received just over 5k in the December payouts, bringing us to a total of just over 9k of payouts for the year (vs just over 5k last year).  Unfortunately, all but $60 of that is in tax-advantaged accounts and not available to us yet.  It’s nice to know what our yearly “income” is from our investments though.

Once those payments cover our basic living expenses, we can definitely retire and never need to withdraw our principal.  Of course 9k, covers one month of expenses at the moment, but we’ll be adding more money into the account over the next ten years, and will hopefully pump that up.  In our ideal situation, the dividends/capital gains from our mutual funds completely cover our expenses, but I’m prepared to withdraw principal at a 3% rate as well.

Maybe next year we’ll get almost 20k!  I’ll be happy at 15k, but at the new rate we’re putting in money, we should see a significant increase this year.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

4 thoughts on “Year End Dividends – Happy Holidays!

    1. Mom Post author

      Eh, we’re still at the 15% rate on long term capital gains (I think). I triggered several short term gains when I sold the ETFs to buy the mutual fund last month, but I figured better to do that now when there is less principal to worry about. Since I was putting money in monthly, I was going to have ST gains no matter when I did it. Hopefully, our moving expenses deduction cover some of that for us!

  1. writing2reality

    Pretty awesome to hit the $9k mark, retirement accounts or not! Soon enough you’ll be in a position to add to your taxable investments above and beyond what you’re putting away in retirement accounts.

    1. Mom Post author

      Most of that is year end distributions from mutual funds. Generally, those are pretty consistent, but not always. Most of it shows up in my tax records as qualified dividends though, so not too bad. Here’s looking forward to next year’s distributions!


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