Zip-top Bag Replacements

We’re trying to be as green as possible in our home, and one thing that we don’t particularly like doing is using the disposable zip-top bags for freezer cooking – not the kind with plastic zippers, but the kind that “lock” together.  But, we haven’t found a great replacement yet.  We’re able to replace some of it with Pyrex dishes and mason jars, but most of the raw meat in marinades haven’t done well in those – the liquid isn’t covering the meat (Pyrex), or the container isn’t big enough (Mason jars).  We’ve looked at several of the zip-top replacement bags available online, but they either close with velcro or a “real” zipper – neither of which can keep liquids in the bags.

The liquids is one of our concerns – we need to be able to remove a lot of air to allow the marinade to touch the meat all around (not just at the bottom).

Raw meat in a container is our other concern.  We generally do not reuse bags that have had raw meat in them because the nooks and crannies are difficult to wash – even for the dishwasher.  We do wash and reuse them for things like bread, waffles, and pancakes, but that’s a *very* small percentage of the bags we use compared to the raw meats.

Has anyone else replaced their zip-top bags with something reusable?

2 thoughts on “Zip-top Bag Replacements

  1. donebyforty

    We still use the little ziploc bags but hear you on the green concerns. We’re kind of lazy on that front: we’ll recycle and ride a scooter quite a bit instead of a car, but anything that requires real change or “work” is kind of off the table. Sorry, Mother Earth!

    1. Mom Post author

      We try new things, if we can make it work within our schedules, “ick factors”, and lifestyle, we do. We adopted reusable bags well before they were a “thing”, and use reusable produce bags as well. The Ziploc package said they can be recycled, but not with our recycling 🙁


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