Cleaning up for 2014 has started

Total items out of the house: 5/365

Dad and I rearranged Daughter Person’s room this weekend.  Her room has a set of built-in bookshelves which until now, she hasn’t been able to reach, so we were keeping adult reading materials up there, as well as other things we didn’t really want her to have ready access to (like the playdough).  She’s able to reach them now, but her crib was in front of them, so we moved it, removed the glider chair we had in there (and moved it to my office – it may become a reading chair for me), and started putting toys in bins on the shelves (thanks to Erica for the idea!)

Daughter Person's Room

Daughter Person’s Room

While I was cleaning up the shelves, we found several things that went straight into the trash, and a few more that will find their way to freecycle and craigslist in the next few days.  We also bought two new pieces of furniture to corral toys and books.  She has more books than maybe even I had before donating them!  The books have taken over the coffee table, and we’re hoping that the kid sized bookshelf we got will hold them all.  We also bought a toy bin shelf to provide more space than the small toy box we currently have in her room – which will be sold/donated as soon as the new one arrives and is assembled!

I freecycled an old 3′ plastic pool and an old cat house/bed that were in the basement, and two play yards are getting listed on craigslist tonight.

2014 is off to a good start in the 365 less things department

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    1. Mom Post author

      I can’t claim painting the tree. It’s a wall decal. There are several sets of them around the room. The alphabet along the top, the clouds near the tree (and a whole other wall), and some Cars characters that I picked up on clearance. Mater is her favorite one…

      They’re pretty sweet to put on, and even over 3years later, very easy to peel off and reposition.


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