July’s No Eating Out Challenge – Results

For July, we challenged ourselves to only eat out once – a date night in early July.  How’d we do with that challenge?

Eating out transactions for July

Eating out transactions for July

As you can see, there were several transactions for eating out – more than just our date night (although that cost the most). The Living Social transaction is for a future eating out night, but I count it in July, since that’s when I paid it. The Eat n Park line is taking my mom out to eat after going with us to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh – there was no way Daughter Person was going to make it back to grandma’s without eating. That was just poor planning on our part. The McDonald’s line was as well – we got caught in really bad traffic coming home from grandma’s and had run out of snacks and food for Daughter Person, and we stopped and shared a kid’s meal among the three of us. TGI Friday’s was a dessert treat for Daughter Person for being a “big girl” and using the potty all week – no “real” food was consumed 🙂

I think we did pretty well – the number of times we went out to eat were reduced, even if date night took up almost all of our normal monthly restaurants budget. We’re going to try to continue eating in, with the occasional lunch out (2-3/mth).

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