June 2015 Early Retirement Progress

We contributed $4,442.69 this month to our retirement accounts, and we lost $8,398.29 in investment value this month. 

Our contributions were a bit lower this month because I “subtracted” our HSA withdrawals from the contribution value.  We still contributed to our HSA, we just also withdrew more than we contributed this month.  I’m still unsure on whether we’ll be withdrawing from the HSA to cover Daughter Person’s surgery on Friday, but I’m trying to avoid doing so. (I can withdraw it at any time, so it may wait until we have a money crunch).

The markets have gone down, down, down, and I foresee that they will continue to go down until Greece is either in or out of the euro zone.  We might even end up negative for investment increases this year – as long as I average out to 6%/year, I’m a happy camper.

I got a 3% raise for the upcoming fiscal year, so based on the ADP calculator, I’ll be getting extra from the University match, and my contributions will go up until December, when they do the calculation for IRS maximum (I hope) and they’ll only let me contribute the difference.  I’m keeping my 20% contribution rate, because it’s still close enough to the max, and I don’t feel like doing the new math 🙂  Unlike Dad’s, there is no “take out the maximum allowed by law” button on my HR site, so I have to do the math every year.

2015 Totals

In 2015, so far, we’ve contributed $34,649.00 (49.50% of our goal of 70k), and we’ve gained $8,783.74 in investment value (36.79% of our planned total).

2 thoughts on “June 2015 Early Retirement Progress

  1. donebyforty

    Right on pace for hitting the 2015 investment goal. Well done! We’re slightly ahead of our goal, but that’s due to a 1 time bonus at the beginning of the year. Making the goal, with Christmas coming, is going to be tight. 😉

    1. Mom Post author

      Same here – I’m not sure we’ll make 70k, because we’ve decided that paying for Daughter Person’s surgery (and followups) is more important than contributing to our Roths, and that’ll put us just shy. We’ll see if we can make it up – unless Dad gets a significant bonus, we might be just under our goals. It’s OK though – life happens, and we’ll do better next year 🙂


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