Mileage Run successful!

Dad and I returned on Sunday from my mileage run, and United already has me as a Gold member 🙂 I had to immediately turn around and drive to Grandma’s hometown for work – so I picked up Daughter Person on that trip. We just got back this afternoon. We missed Daughter Person, and she most definitely missed us, she wouldn’t let go of me while I was at Grandma’s. She wasn’t quite as excited to see Dad though.

She and I managed the 4 hours drive with very few problems. I bought her a magna-doodle which is designated as “car-only”, and she played with that for a while before falling asleep right before my planned stop. I didn’t need to stop, so I wasn’t going to wake her. She woke up about 10 miles before the next convenient stop. She gave me a bit of hassle about getting back in her carseat, but she eventually did and then she played with the magna-doodle for the next hour and a half until we got home. I had to run an errand before a certain time though – and I couldn’t bribe her into the car. Luckily, Dad was working from home and was able to watch her for the 15 minutes it took me to get to the post office and back.

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