More clean out happening

I sent off another 7 games this weekend, as well as a few things gone via Freecycle.  I listed another few things on Craigslist as well, one has had folks asking me if I could mail it to them, and I’m not sure about that, so it’s not gone.

I woke up with Daughter Person on Saturday and then we took her to swim lessons.  She slept for 3 hours during her afternoon nap, and I had a *lot* of energy, so I listed things on craigslist, Amazon and Freecycle as appropriate, printed out my magnetic menu board items, did laundry and scanned in a lot of Daughter Person’s schoolwork (and promptly recycled most of it).  I felt quite proud of all that I got done while she was napping on Saturday.  I wasn’t quite as productive on Sunday, but I made some progress.

Total items out of the house: 33/365

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