More Freezer Cooking taste results

We’ve now eaten everything that we’ve made at least once in the previous freezer cooking session, and we have several keepers, and several “please don’t make that agains”.  I’ll start with the never agains:

  • Wild Rice and Nut Bake – Dad thought it was too nutty.  Said it was OK, but not really a keeper
  • Vegetable Chili (Dream Dinners) – Dad thought the taste was a little too bland, he prefers the chili from Fix, Freeze, Feast
  • Penne w/Rosemary chicken is OK, but not a favorite, so we won’t be making it again.

Definite Keepers:

  • Provencal Flank Steak (the last one we tried Saturday night – OMG good!!)
  • Pork Tenderloin with Pears
  • Port BBQ Chicken (needs a little less spice, but otherwise good)
  • Chicken Curry

We’re already starting to think about our next cooking session, which is likely to be in July.  Of course, our freezer still looks completely stuffed at the moment.  We’re trying to finish up all of the meals that require the oven before the heat really hits, so that we don’t have to be heating up the house too.  The next session is likely to be almost all grilling/crockpot recipes, just because that’s what’s easiest in our house in the summer.  We probably won’t try too many new recipes, but I’d like to try a few new ones so that we can keep a good variety.


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