Second Student Loan Paid Off!

My student loan processor just “processed” the final payment on my second student loan – the remaining one at 6.55% interest.  I’m now down to one student loan left – ~$2500 at 2.10% interest, and I hope I can pay that off in July.

June’s a possibility, but one of our kitties needs a rather pricey treatment and I have to wait and see what the final details of that are.  There’s apparently an “interest-free” payment plan available, but I don’t know if there’s a fee.  And I think I’d rather just pay it off and not worry about it.  But that’s what our emergency fund is for!

So, it’s looking like July will be our “first” debt-free date – the only thing we’d have left is our car payment at 0% interest and mortgage at 4.125% interest.

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