September 2014 Early Retirement Progress

Now that it’s the middle of October, I should catch up on this. My only excuse was that we’re on vacation – currently in Vienna, Austria (and pouring down rain).

We contributed $4,787.72 this month to our retirement accounts  We lost $10,095.63 in interest this month – a little less than we gained last month.

We have all of our employer offered tax-deferred accounts maxed out at this point. I have about $300 going towards Loyal3 and my taxable Fidelity account per month. Next year, I would like to also save enough to contribute to two Roth IRAs, but it may or may not happen. In the past our AGI has been too close to the limit to even think about Roths, but this year, with 35k going towards 403(b) plans, we might make it (although, we won’t have as many deductions going forward either, so it may be a wash). I’ll try to save the money anyway and we’ll just have to contribute it all at once in that magic time frame between January and April 15.

Watching the markets, this month may wipe out any gains for this year, but we’ll see…

2014 Totals

So far, for 2014, we’ve contributed $31,693.07 (79.23% of the new goal of 40k), and we’ve gained $15,945.46 in investment gains (78.70% of our planned total).

4 thoughts on “September 2014 Early Retirement Progress

    1. Mom Post author

      It seems to have gone up a bit the last week – we’re back up to our “old high”, but some of that is contributions. At least it’s not a continual free-fall anymore.

  1. evenstevenmoney

    I’m with you trying to sneak in that IRA money into 2014, I’m just so close to paying off my student loans that it might take a back seat and move on to 2015.

    1. Mom Post author

      We’ll be putting money in in 2016 for 2015, not 2014. If we weren’t buying a new place, I might, but we still have a car to pay off.


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