Update on Health Goals

January is over, and I wanted to update on how my health goals are going.

I’ve not gained any weight (and lost 1.7lbs), but I’ve changed my calorie intake and my exercise.  I’ve gotten up at 5:30am for 16 days in a row now to exercise for 30 minutes in the morning before everyone else wakes up.

I’ve been doing P90x3 and enjoying most of it.  I’m on the 3rd week of block 1, and next week starts the transition week.  I’ve never stuck with anything so long before – except maybe half-marathon training.  I like being able to roll out of bed, get dressed and exercise before my shower and not have to worry about it later in the day when I’m more tired and more likely to say screw it.  It’s over and done with, and I have a decent idea of how many calories I have to “eat back” throughout the day.

I’ve increased my calorie intake to closer to my TDEE and will slowly increase it until I get to my TDEE of 1900 calories.  I’ve basically been starving myself, and I want to get my metabolism back to where it should be, so my primary goal at the moment is to maintain my weight while increasing my calories every week.  I’m up at 1600 calories/day, and still maintaining or losing.  It’ll be a long process, but I’ll be able to not eat like a bird again.

I’m not doing as well at eating a fruit or veggie every day – although I’d say I’m at about 90% compliance – we have salads almost every night for dinner, which gets me 2-3 servings of veggies (mostly lettuce).  I had an apple on each of Saturday and Sunday – mostly mindless munching of apple slices – which I should take advantage of.

How are your goals coming along?

4 thoughts on “Update on Health Goals

  1. Fast Weekly

    Good work 3isplenty. It’s tough to stick with exercise goals. So far the year is looking pretty good. My wife and I saved some good money last month. Our son is due in 6 weeks and seemingly healthy. Mama is starting to get tired of being pregnant however. Now if we could get a real stock market crash…..I’d be nothing but smiles :o)

    1. Mom Post author

      He may be due in 6 weeks, but statistically, momma has 7-8 more weeks to go! Hoping that everything stays healthy for all of you!

  2. donebyforty

    My wife and I did P90X for like, 3 weeks, last year and called it quits. It’s intense! But if you can stick with it, I’m sure you’ll get awesome results. Best of luck!

    1. Mom Post author

      P90X3 isn’t quite as bad as P90X since it’s shorter – workouts are only 30 minutes including warm up (not the 4minute cool down). But, with P90X, you got a lot of breaks, there are almost *none* in P90X3, so you’re really going at it for those 30 minutes. For the cardio/cardio-mix ones, I’ve been burning 300+ calories in 30 minutes according to my heart rate monitor.


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