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I’m a 40yr old information security professional, married to Dad (42yrs old), and mother of Daughter Person, who’s almost 8 years old.  We just moved to the Pittsburgh, PA area late 2014.

I work for a university, trying to wrangle all of the technical people into following best practices for information security.  I used to be a consultant and traveled a lot.  I still like traveling, but now it’s purely for pleasure and not just for work.

Dad and I have our “gender roles” reversed: I’m the handy(wo)man, and he’s the cook.  It works out for us.  Although it does present interesting situations when someone’s talking to him as if he’s making the decision…

I suffer(ed) from Postpartum Depression after Daughter Person was born, and it has caused no end of trouble for me and my family since she was born (and really beforehand).  I want to make sure that other mothers don’t feel alone if they think they hate their child – it’s OK, it’s “normal” for PPD and you can get better.  Look to Postpartum Progress for some tips on coping and stories of other women.  You can also contact me at mom at 3isplenty dot com if you want to talk.

Personal Finance

If you want to read our story about how we got to where we are today, you can start at Our Story – Part 1: A tale of two houses.  We’re currently mostly out of debt, except a 0% car loan, and accumulating money to use in our “early” retirement, hopefully at 48-50 for Dad.

Why Three is Plenty?

A three person family is still a little bit of an oddity, especially with larger families (5+ people) becoming more and more common.  We’re constantly badgered about a second child, but we’ve decided that our family of three is plenty for us.

9 thoughts on “About Mom

  1. Daddy Domestic

    Hi Mom. I’m glad you posted on my blog today, so i found yours. Mrs. DD and I often have our household roles reversed and it just works better for us too. Looking forward to hearing about your journey.

  2. AF

    Thanks for sharing your journey. We are a family of 3, as well, and I am the chief breadwinner. Also, I struggled with PPD. I am better and we are happy 3 years later.

  3. Catherine

    First time I read your ”About” page. We also don’t know if we’ll have more children. I always thought I would want a house full but now that we have one we are surprisingly content. Our minds aren’t totally made up yet (about kid #2) but we have a good balance right now and another child would totally throw that off. If we do decide to have more our daughter will be 4+yrs old before I ever consider it. I hated my pregnancy experience and am in no way in any rush to have anymore. When people find out we may ”deliberately choose” to have only one child it’s like we’re freaks of nature….seriously people!

    Good for you for being able to manage PPD, it’s not an easy thing to deal with.

    1. Mom Post author

      We definitely get the “what! you’re not having more kids?!?” question all the time. I think our immediate families have finally gotten the hint that this will be their only grandchild (our siblings are encouraged to not reproduce for several reasons). Complete strangers or extended family still ask when we’re having another one. *sigh*

  4. optimaal vermogen

    Hi Mom – threeisplenty. What a super blog you have created! I found it very interesting and easy to read.
    About the PPD: it’s good that you know where your feelings come from: it helps to give them a place. After giving birth 22 years ago, I wasn’t prepared for all that came with it. Finally it worked out all right. We just visited our boy in Seoul where he is at university for a semester and had a lovely time with him.
    I’m glad you discovered the ‘secret’ of frugality and planning early in life. We didn’t start till we were over 50! It’s the only thing I regret in life (which is still pretty good).
    I wish you all the best with your house and your plans. When you have your life organized, it is quite common that family members get jealous. Don’t worry about it: it says more about them than about you!
    Look forward to your next post!

    1. Mom Post author

      Thank you for stopping by! I know a lot of things change when you give birth, but sometimes things just aren’t right and it’s not “normal”. It took us too long to realize that it wasn’t just new motherhood getting to me, but when we did, it was well appreciated!


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