2015 End of Year Investment Income

Fidelity (and most of Vanguard) have posted their end of year distributions this weekend, and after adding all of ours up, over multiple accounts: We’ve “earned” $10,850.60 in investment income this year – with most of it ($6521) in December.  We’re primarily invested in total stock market funds, and those generally dump all their goodies at the end of the year.  We do have about 18% bonds in our tax-advantaged accounts and they earn us about $100/month throughout the year.  Most of this money is in tax-advantaged accounts and  “untouchable” for us, but our taxable account generated $138 in dividends/capital gains this year (almost 100% FSTMX).

If my goal was to live completely off dividend/capital gains income, we’d need about 3.4million in the bank based on this year’s income.  But, if that was my goal, I wouldn’t be as heavily invested in equity index funds, and instead would have more money in bonds, which throw off more reliable income.

Still, $10k in almost completely passive income isn’t much to sneeze at – that’s about 2 months worth of living expenses for us.

How did your investment income do this year?  Did it increase as you wanted it to?

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    1. Mom Post author

      Almost definitely. We’ll still be in a similarly sized house, but we won’t be in Allegheny County (and possibly not in PA), so our property taxes will be much less expensive.


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