And more stuff gone

Total items out of the house: 6/365

I sold an old lamp that we had in Daughter Person’s room – which I think we turned on once or twice – for $5 on craigslist.  There has been a bite on another thing I have listed on Craigslist, but no sale yet.

I also sent a box of 18mth PJs to a woman in one of my online mom’s group.  I think there were about 20 sets of PJs in the box, and they’re all out of the house.  I’m only counting it as one thing, but there were really several things in the one box.

We’re also discussing whether we want to sell our Nintendo Wii.  We haven’t used it in a while, we’ve mostly been using our Playstation (to play Blu-ray discs).  We have a lot of Wii games that will bring in some extra cash.  I have to decide if I’m OK with getting rid of the only system that will play Mario and Zelda…

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