Biking with a trailer

We are now the proud owners of a (used) bike trailer.  I scored one on Craigslist for about 1/4th the price of retail – and it’s been barely used.  About the only thing “wrong” with it is a snap is missing for the cover (easy to fix since I have a snap tool), and it’s covered in spider eggs since it was in storage – both very easy and cheap fixes.   Our bikes are now in the shop getting a professional once over since they haven’t been used in about 3 years – I stopped riding when my pregnant belly couldn’t bend enough to use the drop handles anymore.  I replaced the tires (dry rot!) and inner tubes, but every time I try to repair brakes or shifters, I break them, so I know when to take it to a professional*.

We live a little over 2 miles from the grocery store, but Dad’s not thrilled with the idea of me riding my bike to the store and back – especially with Daughter Person in tow (construction and rather dangerous intersection during construction).  I think I can convince him to let me go myself at least.  I just need to remember my lock’s combination and do it.

*: I understand the concepts of shifter repair, but I have a triple crank and the shifters are sensitive enough that getting them adjusted properly for the front gears is more than I can handle apparently – I have considered switching to a double crank or getting new shifters, but I haven’t had a compelling reason to yet, and I used to use all three gears when cycling long distances.

4 thoughts on “Biking with a trailer

  1. donebyforty

    How cool! My bike doesn’t have the ability to attach a trailer but I do have an old junker that would work. I just use my backpack for now but that limits how much I can buy.

    I hope the trailer works out well. Maybe there’s a safer route to the store?

    1. Mom Post author

      Unfortunately not until they finish the construction. It’s the ‘entrance’ to our neighborhood from that direction, so I have to go through that intersection. The other way into our neighborhood is the dangerous one. But, when they’re done with the construction, there will be a 10ft wide multi-use path along the major road 🙂

  2. cashrebel

    Woo! I’m so excited for you. I told my roommate that I was going to buy a bike trailer and she just made fun of me because we live 2 blocks from a grocery store. It’s not necessary for me because I just carry my groceries 100 yards, but it’s such a wealth building tool for anyone who drives to the grocery store. I look forward to hearing more!

    1. Mom Post author

      I’m hoping I can make it work – I just need to figure out the logistics of getting Daughter Person to stay still in the trailer, and put groceries around her (or get Dad to watch her while I go to the store). We shop at Wal-Mart, and I need to find a good place to leave my bike and trailer while I go in the store. I don’t *think* there’d be a lot of theft, but I don’t know, I’ve always locked up my bike.


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