Detailed Financial Picture – May 2016

April’s Numbers 

As of May 12, 2016, we are $315,386.43 in debt with a mortgage.  We currently have $949,273.60 in assets.  Our investment accounts are at $526,121.89. Our Net Worth is $633,887.17, up from $613,953.62 in April (3.25% increase)

Surprisingly, our net worth went up this month, we put a lot of money into the markets, and when they decline, our overall net worth tends to decline – with 85% in stocks, we’re sensitive to market swings.

We’re also getting closer to the $1 million in assets mark again. This time, with less debt (and less house).  I’m more interested in the net worth getting up to $1 million.

I still haven’t gotten Dad’s first paycheck yet, but our HSA contributions now come out of his paycheck directly, so we get the “triple tax win” of no federal tax, no social security tax, and no medicare tax. No PA state tax on it either… I know how much is coming out of Dad’s paycheck for benefits, and I could make an educated guess at taxes, but I’m waiting.  I think he’ll get paid twice a month, so that should be coming up shortly.

We’ll have more disposable income with his new paycheck, since we’re not contributing as much tax advantaged.  I will probably contribute to our Roths (assuming we can contribute), and pay down debt faster – then increase our contributions to our taxable account, but we’ll see.  I want to know what numbers I have to play with in YNAB before I allocate it anywhere.

Debt (in the order we’re paying it down):

  • Line of Credit (9.75%): $4,500 (-1000.00)
  • Car loan – RAV4 (0%): $5,873.42 (-489.44)
  • Car loan 2 – Camry (0%): $21,965.00 (-439.30)
  • Mortgage (3.875%): $287,548.01 (-495.00)

Total paid off in April:  $1433.74


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