Gym progress

I managed to get to the gym early on Thursday. I had nothing to do at work, and plenty of comp-time thanks to my traveling, so I played “hooky” and went to the gym instead.  I just went to the next class offered by my gym: “On the Ball”, which was described as a combination of strength training and cardio class using a stability ball.  It kicked my butt.  After 15 minutes, I was looking at the clock to see how much longer it would be and was really disappointed that there were still 45 minutes left!  I was so sore the next few days – in places I didn’t realize I had muscles (mostly the small core muscles and the outside of my butt).  So, I skipped the gym on the weekend, but I made sure that Daughter Person and I went walking a lot.  Besides, my goal is going to the gym twice a week right now, there’s no requirement that I go on the weekends 😉

Today, I’m going to just leave work for an hour to try their kickboxing class.  It was a tossup between that or the earlier yoga class.  I need to make up some weekly points, and the kickboxing will do that much better than the yoga will (10pts vs 4pts), so I’m going to try the kickboxing class.  I’ve been to a kickboxing class before, and I thought it was fun – I was also in much better shape when I went, so we’ll see how sore I am after today.

I’ve only got 3 weekly points left, but it only has to last through today – and I’ve got a “plan” for eating Daughter Person’s grapes as a snack if I get hungry (0pts).

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