Hope everyone on the East coast is safe!

I hope that everyone is still safe after Sandy this week. Living in the DC metro area, we had our fair share of rain and wind, but overall, I think we came out OK. We’ve got some drywall damage where rain came in and spread along the ceiling, but otherwise, no issues here.

We were ready for a power outage of a few days though. We bought a generator while we were in OH this weekend and brought it home with us. Luckily, we didn’t have to use it, but we’ve said to ourselves multiple times that it’d be nice to have one – so there was an unexpected $650 purchase (which we get 11% back on from Menard’s), and I have no idea how much it will take to fix the leak, but we’ve got 2x our deductible in savings, and it’s a high deductible, so we may not even need to make a claim. We’re going to get an estimate first.

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