Last donation of the year was picked up today

Total Items out of the house: 401/365

365 less things was a success this year.  I’m hoping I can continue the progress next year, although I’m more likely to have half that amount since I’m having to ask permission to get rid of most things now-a-days.

The local charity that picks up items came by and removed 117 items this morning.  Four very large boxes.  In those boxes was a mix of glassware (I used to collect shot glasses – yet not really use them), clothes from everyone in the family (especially Daughter Person), and a box and a half of Daughter Person’s old toys.  Daughter Person made out like a bandit for Christmas, and we decided that it was time to purge her old toys and give them away. So, we spent last night going through her toys, collecting all the little pieces and putting them together, and putting them in a box.  She was engrossed in Cars on the iPad, so she didn’t even realize what we were doing.  There are a few toys that we’ve seen her play with recently, but Dad and I hate for one reason or another, so they went out, and we’re hoping she doesn’t know they’re missing…

How has your decluttering goal gone this year?

4 thoughts on “Last donation of the year was picked up today

  1. donebyforty

    That is such a great goal! Well done. We have had some months where we did not hit the 30 things in 30 days, but luckily hope springs eternal and the new year is here. We’ll try to match your success in 2014.

    1. Mom Post author

      There were months which were slow, then bursts of decluttering. I think I’d have trouble getting 30 things in 30 days as well. Any progress is still progress!

  2. Daddy Domestic

    Well done! Unfortunately, our decluttering has been offset by baby furniture for the new little guy. it might be strange, but I dream of living in a space small enough that we can’t have lots of junk. Maybe a trawler, maybe a small loft. Some day


    1. Mom Post author

      The good news is that once you’re done with the baby stuff (whenever that is), it’s a lot of stuff to get rid of easily! Most of what we’ve given away or donated this year has been old baby/toddler stuff that we don’t need any more. It was very nice to sell our jumper and exersaucer once she was done with them – too much floor space.

      And to be honest, we brought in quite a few of her Christmas gifts – mostly puzzles, but one auntie bought her a doll crib (for dolls she only sort of plays with…). That’s sitting in the middle of her room right now and I really wish it wasn’t.


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