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Student Loan #1 Paid Off!

Technically, it’s loan #3 according to the servicer, but it’s the first loan I’ve paid off.  I got the official “paid off” letter this morning, although it was a very interesting road to get there.  I submitted the payment (about $6 more than the estimated pay off amount), the loan showed a -$6 balance, then I logged in last week and it showed a positive $6 balance – I owed them 6 more dollars (WTF?!?!).  I called, and apparently, it’s super common for the payments to not be applied properly for a payoff.  The customer service representative was able to change that so that it was applied properly.

Figuring I did something wrong when I submitted the payment, I asked if I should have done anything differently – and he said nope.  So, this just “happens”.  With two more loans to pay off, I can guess it’s going to happen at least two more times – so I’m annoyed by the servicer even as I pay off the stupid loans!  I’m planning on paying off the next one in June, and the last one in July, and then I’ll be done with the servicer!