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Second word!

Daughter Person now consistently verbalizes two words: ‘uh-oh’ and ‘mo’ (more) – she has a lot more signs though. It only took her 19 months to get to this point. She had hyperbilirubinia when she was born (really bad jaundice), and one of the potential side effects of that was hearing loss, leading to speech issues, so we’ve been watching her like a hawk. The other potential side effect was lack of gross motor control – and while she was a little on the late side, she hasn’t had any problems with it.

Her hearing was tested when she was a newborn, and it was fine, but unlike other toddlers her age, she just doesn’t talk. She’s kinda quiet anyway, and she babbles constantly in her own language, but barely any recognizable words. She understands a *lot* though – I probably can’t count how many words we know she understands (‘recycling’ is one of them because she’ll recycle things for us when we ask), but she can follow directions consistently (when she wants of course). But we still don’t even have mama and dada as words that she’ll say to us. When she’s upset, she’ll cry mamamamamamama, but that’s about it. She just reaches for me or Dad when she wants one of us. She can point at Mama or Dada, but she won’t say them.

About 14-ish months, she started saying ‘uh-oh’, and we haven’t heard anything consistently until ‘mo’ this morning. We’re pretty sure we’ve heard other words, but she won’t repeat them, so we’re not 100% sure: ‘ball’, ‘blue’, and ‘at’ (cat).