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We took Daughter Person to Hersheypark this weekend.  We met two friends who we ride roller coasters with all the time.  They’re Daughter Person’s “godparents” as well, so they like hanging out with her.  It took forever to get there on Friday evening, and Daughter Person didn’t go to sleep until 10pm.  Then she decided to wake up at 5am on Saturday morning (ugh!).  We took her out to play around the hotel as our friends woke up and got ready, and then we headed to World of Chocolate as soon as it opened.  She really enjoyed the singing cows on the “ride”.

As soon as the park opened, I went with one of our friends to ride Skyrush, the new ride – quite nice, but a little painful, while Dad went with our other friend and Daughter Person to the kiddie rides.
Daughter Person’s favorite ride?  The tilt-a-whirl – not a kiddie ride.  She didn’t really want to ride the kiddie rides after that and gave us a look of “really, is this it?” when we put her on them.  She’ll be fun as soon as she is tall enough to ride on the bigger rides.  She’s already pretty short though, so it’ll be a long time 🙁

She managed to snooze in the stroller, and we stayed at the park until 8pm – which we were pleased with.  We took advantage of their parent swap program to ride some of the bigger rides.  It was way too crowded for Dad and I, but she enjoyed it, and we’re looking forward to taking her back again next year.