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34 years and 180lbs

On my 34th birthday, I’m 180lbs – one of the heavier weights I’ve ever been. I’ve been up to 186, but once I stop stress eating, I tend to go back down to the 180 range. I got a groupon for a local women’s only gym, and I’ve been trying to go at least twice a week (for a whole week). I’ve rejoined Weight Watchers online, and Dad has joined with me. We’ve got reservations for a Brazilian steakhouse tonight though… – lots of protein, but not really great in the dieting department. I’ll be using all my weekly points. It’ll be worth it though – and we’ve got a buy one, get one free coupon, so my meal is free 🙂

We sprung for a WiThings scale so that we could keep track of our weights easily – I got it used off of Craigslist for $115 – but it’s in really good shape. We had originally tried a FitBit Aria scale, but it just wouldn’t work with our wireless network, so we returned it, and got the WiThings instead.

I also renewed my subscription to Hyperstrike/Workout-X, which I let lapse about 5 years ago. It gives me something to do at the gym, and if I travel, I can still do workouts in the hotel.

My goal weight is 150lbs, which is right at the middle of my “healthy” BMI range.  And It’d be nice if I did it before the end of the year, but we’ll see.