Ditching baby stuff

Daughter Person is growing up, and as we know we’re definitely not having another, I’m getting rid of things she no longer uses. The high chair went via craigslist last night. The jogging stroller (which we used maybe once or twice) is listed, and hopefully goes quickly. We got rid of a lot of things during a garage sale in April, but not everything.

It’s nice to get rid of things that are taking up space in the house. I think it’s also easier for us knowing that we’re never going to have a baby in the house again. We don’t have to hold onto things “just-in-case” or “maybe”. There is an outside possibility that we might adopt an older toddler later, but it’s not very likely, so we’re just going to get rid of things, and if we do decide to go down the adoption route, we’ll buy new things.

Daughter Person has been sitting in her booster seat for over a week, and has been doing fine.  She’s been sitting at a table at daycare since she was 12 months old, so she’s familiar with the table concept.  She’s been doing great at the table in the booster seat, and has done well in high chairs at restaurants, so it was time to ditch the high chair.

The jogging stroller was just not used.  I thought I’d use it when I was pregnant because I was a huge long distance walker, but the maclaren has been just fine for those long walks.  For those walks that aren’t “normal” stroller friendly, we have a backpack that’s more comfortable for us than the jogging stroller.

Also up for sale on craigslist is the car seat stroller.  It’s only a frame that holds a car seat.  We used it while Daughter Person was still in the infant car seat, which seems like ages ago.  It didn’t get set out for the garage sale (oops), so I’m listing it on Craigslist.  It was free for us: friends gave it to us, so anything I get from it will be “income”.

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