Arsenic in our food – eh

Dad sent me a link to a consumer reports article on arsenic in our rice.  I just kinda shrugged and said OK, I’m still eating my rice.  Every single food you eat will kill you in some way eventually.  Whether through obesity, too much sugar, too much processing, too much arsenic, etc…  I’m a little burnt out on all the hysteria.  If you paid attention to all of the studies, you’d never eat anything – or drink anything, because it might kill you.

I say unless it kills you (relatively) immediately or makes you sick, go ahead and keep eating it.  You never know what’s going to end up killing you until it’s too late, so you might as well enjoy life while you can.  Erica over at NorthWest Edible Life, had a hilarious write-up on the situation.

As for me and Daughter Person, we’re going to keep eating rice, white and brown.

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