Back on the Wagon

The Weight Watchers wagon that is.  I don’t have any extended travel planned for a while (except a few weekend trips), so I’m going to work on losing weight.  I did pretty good while in Europe, I only gained 2 lbs in three weeks, but I’m still flirting with a BMI of 30, and would rather not be.  Wednesday is my weigh-in with WW online (I’m too cheap to actually go to a meeting), so today’s as good a day as any to start again.  I’m 5’6″ tall, and my “normal” BMI range is 115-154.  I don’t think I’ve *ever* been below 140 in my adult life, so my final goal is 150lbs.  My first goal is 10% of my weight: 166lbs.  I also have some other non-weight related goals: to have 30% body fat, and to wear size 8 jeans (in the same style/brand I currently wear). While I was in late high school, college and the first year of grad school, I weighed 165lbs, and wore size 6 jeans (yeah, I was muscular), so I know it’s possible, and I know how much BS the BMI measurement is.

Current Weight: 184.4lbs
Goal Weight: 166lbs
Daily Points: 28
Weekly Points: 49
Activity Goal: 14

Current Body Fat %: 42.5% (this gets as low as 36% when I’m well hydrated)
Current Jeans Size: 16

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