Child-free “vacation”

Daughter Person went to Grandma’s this morning, and Dad and I have the house to ourselves.  It’s very quiet without her here, but I’m sick and enjoying being able to sleep a lot to recover before work starts on Monday.

Dad and I were sitting on the couch with “what to do?” on both our minds.  I ended up going upstairs to my office and scanning in all of Daughter Person’s artwork from daycare.  They seem to make new artwork every day.  I kept a few pieces and recycled the rest once they were scanned in.  I think I might make Grandma a book to keep of the artwork.

Daughter Person is at Grandma’s until at least next Monday when we get back from my mileage run.  We’ll be calling, and Grandma knows how to take pictures on her mobile and MMS them to me, so we’ll be seeing all kinds of pictures I’m sure.

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