Detailed Financial Picture – February 2015

January’s Numbers

As of February 6, 2015, we are $13,000 in debt without a mortgage to speak of (yet).  We currently have $564,947.34 in assets.  Our investment accounts are at $442,758.19. Our Net Worth is $551,947.34, up from $532,971.98 last month (3.56% increase).

The markets are going back up (at least for today), and so are our investment accounts.  It didn’t hurt that we added about 8k to our accounts in January.

Our house still didn’t have any siding on it as of this past weekend, but we can’t see inside the house any longer (the garage door has been installed – and we were able to see into the kitchen through the garage).  I sent an e-mail off to the sales guy to ask “permission” to go inside when we drive by this weekend, or if he’d tell us what the progress is 🙂  It’s recommended that we lock our rate with the mortgage company when the cabinets get installed.

I have a feeling that we’ll be refinancing very shortly after getting the mortgage.  The mortgage company asked me to write a letter explaining why my income dropped between 2012 and 2013 (uh, I got a salary plus bonuses and the bonuses were lower?), and why $1500/mth was being taken out of my paycheck and sent to Vanguard.  Seriously?!?!  Dad didn’t have to write any such letter, despite him also contributing the max to his 403(b) *and* having part of his W2 as bonuses based on how well the company did.    A lot will depend on their rates as to how quickly I refinance.  I may give them a month or two of trial if their rates are sufficiently low.  The estimates they’ve given me so far have been 4.75% – which is outrageously high (and the loan officer admitted that, but it was “safe”) – I’d be on the phone to refinance immediately after closing if that’s the rate.  Unfortunately, the builder is giving credit against our options only if we go with this lender (FBC Mortgage), and because we’re planning on paying off the loan early, the rate would have to be criminal before it made sense for us to finance elsewhere.  Doesn’t stop me from refinancing immediately though!

Since it’s 2015 and we started the year with no debt other than our car loan, I’m going to just drop off the other debts below, and will add the mortgage back in once we have one.  It’s actually driving me nuts seeing the ability to pay off the car sitting in my bank account, but earmarked for something else.  I’m hoping that I’ve really saved way too much for the down payment and I’ll be able to put some of what’s left to paying off the car faster.

Debt (in the order we’re paying it down):

  • Car loan (0%): $13,000 (-500.00)

Total paid off in January:  $500

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    1. Mom Post author

      I get paid monthly, so it’s the legal maximum to a 403(b)/401(k) plan. Dad has the exact same amount taken out of his paycheck for voluntary contributions, and an extra 2% for involuntary contributions. He’s paid every two weeks, and the money is sent to Fidelity, so maybe that’s why he didn’t have to explain?

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