Detailed Financial Picture – July 2013

June’s Numbers

As of July 8, 2013, we are $464,055.84 in debt (that includes the mortgage).  Without the mortgage, we’re at $41,512.40 in debt.  This includes a credit card, student loans, and an auto loan.  We currently have $938,786.98 in assets (including our house).  Our retirement accounts are at $297,180.17.  Our Net Worth is $474,731.14 (includes house and mortgage), down from $476,125.47 last month (0.29% decrease).

Our net worth has decreased this month – and that’s mostly due to Zillow’s estimate of our home value decreasing (down to 580k from about 601k).  I’m contemplating replacing Zillow’s estimate with the appraisal we had done in April 2012 (540k) and just leaving that number static.  It doesn’t reflect that our neighborhood is changing though.  There are three houses in our neighborhood that are the same model as ours that just went under contract (less than a week on the market!), and their asking prices were all in the 580-590s.  I’m waiting for the final paperwork to be done to see what the final sale prices of those houses were.  I’ve been drooling over the pictures of the insides of them from the listings though – I have lots of ideas on how to improve our house 🙂  One had wood floors on all the levels, not just the main level like ours, and it looked really good.

We haven’t gotten the approval from our HOA for changing our paint colors yet – I expect that this week or next, so we’ve got quite a bit of money sitting in a savings account waiting to be used.  Next month will be the last month that we’re planning on paying the minimums on our debts, then we can go back to really attacking them in September.

I sold quite a few things on Craigslist this month, and “earned” over $200 from that and my Amazon seller account.  I put some of that towards the Chase bill, and the rest went to eating out :(.  As we’re cleaning up the basement for tiling (and possibly some minor renovations), I’m selling, donating, or otherwise trashing things located there.  I try to make money on it first, then donate it.  I’ve got a large box ready for donating, I just need to schedule a pickup or drive out to Goodwill myself.  The basement work itself has stalled as I’ve been traveling for work and catching up on work I missed in the evenings, and baking cakes for parties, but I hope to get back to it after this weekend.

I also did some math on how we’ve improved since the beginning of the year.  4.32% increase in net worth for the year.  And a 15.62% increase in our retirement accounts since the beginning of the year.

Debt (in the order we’re paying it down):

  • Line of credit (8.75%): $0.00
  • Chase (4.99% for life): $ 5,808.44 (-108.83)
  • Student loans (aggregated 6.55%):  $13,203.96 (-137.04)
  • Car loan (0%): $22,500.00 (-490.00)
  • Mortgage (4.125%): $ 422,543.44 (-660.04)

Total paid off in June: $1,395.91

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