February 2015 Early Retirement Progress

We contributed $5,902.70 this month to our retirement accounts  We gained $16,648.42 in investment value this month. 

February made up for January’s market slides, we “made” almost 70% of our annual total in the first two months of the year.  If we keep “making” this much money, we could retire on it now – too bad it’s not consistent!

This month, we dropped an additional $750 into our Roth accounts for 2014. I’m counting them this month since they were a bit spur of the moment. I added $500 to mine to get it above a $10k balance, and I added $250 to Dad’s because we needed to open a Roth for him anyway and that was a nice round number we could afford.  Most of his is invested in ITOT at the moment since we don’t have $2500 to get to FSTMX.  We likely won’t be contributing any more to Dad’s Roth until we see what our taxes are like in 2016, so it might as well gain us some money in ITOT.

Once closing happens (oh please $DEITY soon!), we’ll know our cash flow better, and I’m hoping to start setting aside money to put in Roths next year after 2015 taxes are done.

2015 Totals

In 2015, so far, we’ve contributed $14,425.07 (20.61% of our goal of 70k), and we’ve gained $13,995.03 in investment value (69.07% of our planned total).

4 thoughts on “February 2015 Early Retirement Progress

  1. Mrs PoP

    How close are you guys getting to closing? How has construction been affected by the brutal winter up there?

    We’re hoarding cash at the moment (well, hoarding it while also hemorrhaging it simultaneously), so we’ve halted deposits other than 401K for the time being until life settles down and we know exactly where we stand. Hopefully in another month or so… and in plenty of time to get our Roth $ in for 2014!

    1. Mom Post author

      The contract says March 26 – and I think we’ll be on-time or really close to it. The kitchen cabinets went in last week, and the trim is on the doors and windows, and it looks like they started to paint (or at least have primer down). We’re waiting on the electric company to install the electric meter, which may be affected by their resources being used to deal with winter storm concerns. It only holds up the certificate of occupancy, so the construction can keep going for the most part.

      The shell of the house was up and it was pretty much closed in before the winter really started, so the workers have been under shelter the entire time, and it looks like they’re using kerosene/propane heaters to keep it warm-ish. I don’t think anything other than the electric meter has been affected by the weather (of course, I’m not a contractor, so that’s just my guess).


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