One of those things you never think about enjoying – but we’re “officially” home less. Closing was on the 1st, and I’ve got the final HUD-1, and the confirmation that USAA is mailing us a check (MoversAdvantage), but I don’t have the money in our account, nor is our mortgage showing as zero balance. They said it could take until this morning for that to happen, so I’m not going to start making any phone calls yet.

Last weekend, we finished packing and put all of our furniture, and a good bit of our “stuff” in storage. Anything we didn’t sell, donate, trash, or bring to my mom’s with us is in storage – and it still takes up a lot of space: 12 storage pallets…

On Saturday, we’ll be making our last drive to DC for a while – our flight to Europe leaves from Dulles. We’re doing a park and fly deal with an airport hotel – we’ll leave our car there for two weeks, then stay there the night we get back into the states: all for $99+tax, less than we’d pay for 14 days of parking at Dulles ($140 in the economy lot). Our flight from Europe gets back about 9pm as well, so having the chance to rest the night before driving 4 hours will be much appreciated.

Here’s to enjoying our vacation without a home on the market to worry about!

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    1. Mom Post author

      We’ve not not owned a home during our married lives, and for me, I bought my first place in 2004, and Dad bought his first place about 2001. We’re under contract to build our new home, but don’t own it yet.


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