New source for CC rewards – for me.

My “new” company doesn’t have a corporate credit card, but I still have to book flights and hotels, and all that other good stuff while traveling.  The solution?  I put it on my personal card(s) and get reimbursed in my paycheck.  Since I have enough in the savings to cover most of the trips I need to take, I don’t think this is a problem – and I get the credit card rewards for it.

I just booked a $2,000 flight to Peru with my Costco AMEX card – 2% cash back on all travel – that’s an extra $40 in my pocket later in the year (I get business class tickets based on the client’s travel policy).  I’ll also be able to rack up the expenses on my new Hilton Honors Reserve card to meet the minimum spend for the bonus as well (and it doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees).

The only issue arises when there’s a $8-9k trip that I’ll need to cover.  I’ll have to make sure that the reimbursement falls before I owe the balance on the credit card.  I can supposedly request a check with a week’s notice, so if I have to buy one of the very expensive flights, I can get reimbursed almost immediately if I need to.

Here’s to more rewards!

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    1. Mom Post author

      Now it just comes down to figuring out which card is best for which purchases. The Amex is 2% cash back on travel, and the HHonors card is 10 points/$ at Hilton properties (no brainer) or 5 points/$ at airlines and rental cars – not other hotels. I also have a Fidelity visa which is 1.5% cash back across the board.


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