Steadily decluttering

Total items out of the house: 240/365

I sent off a few more books and games through Amazon the last two weeks, and I just got rid of our old console humidifier via craigslist.  When we moved into the house, there was a whole house humidifier on the heat pump.  It was wasting water, so we turned it off (I was literally watching water come out of the humidifier and go straight into the drain).  We also have wood floors – which we have since learned need some moisture.  We had a console humidifier in our living room which claimed that it could pump out 11gallons/day of water – except that the tanks on the humidifier only held 3 gallons at a time.  We were constantly refilling the thing, and we’d have to turn it off to light a fire because of the fan.  In short, we got tired of dealing with it.  And, it didn’t push out enough water for the wood floors.  We were lucky if we could get our main room at 25% relative humidity.

We splurged for a whole house steam humidifier earlier this month, and now our main room is up to 35-40% relative humidity, a far cry from what the console unit could do – and we weren’t having to fill up the tanks constantly!  I listed it on craigslist Wednesday evening, and met with someone this afternoon to sell it.  It was pretty big at about 2ftx1ftx2ft.  Now it’s not in our living room or in our storage closet anymore.

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