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Weight update

Today’s weight: 180.9lbs
Loss: 3.5lbs
Total Loss: 3.5lbs
Weekly Points used: 43
Activity Points earned: 43
Activity Points used: 43

As you can tell, I was a bit close to my points limits, but I know from past experience that if I don’t use all my weekly points, I won’t lose weight at all. I’m going to try to use less of them (like 75% instead of 100%), and see what happens, but this weekend is our bi-annual trip to Cedar Point, and I know I’ll be eating some not so great for me food, so I’m saving my points for that.

I’ll be going to the gym again on Thursday. Thinking about the “on the ball” class again, which was kinda fun, but pilates is also an option. So I’ll earn quite a few activity points to spend over the weekend as well – and of course, lots of walking around the park and to and from the cabin.

In addition to Weight Watchers, I also keep track of my calories/activity at sparkpeople.com. It’s free! It also syncs with my fitbit, so it’s more automated for me. However, it says I should be eating a lot more than Weight Watchers does, so I’m keeping track of what the differences are and see if sparkpeople will work just as well for me as weight watchers. I’ve not had the best success on it in the past, probably because I didn’t have a good idea of how much I should eat, but I’m comparing this time.

Pretty Picture of the last two weeks of weigh-ins:
Graph of trending weight