December 2014 Early Retirement Progress

We contributed $4,797.72 this month to our retirement accounts  We lost $2,275.18 in investment value this month. 

I did realize that my end of year numbers don’t quite match up with the actual balances in our accounts – the statements don’t include dividends in the “investment gain”.  So our actual end of year balances are almost 10k higher than my value.  I need to figure out how to make sure those dividends get added into the calculations for 2015.

We did really well this year, and I may contribute another $500 to my Roth for 2014 if we fall under the AGI limits.  I have $9500 in there, and another $500 would let me qualify for Fidelity’s advantage class of mutual fund, dropping my investment expenses for that account. I need to do our taxes first before I can see if we can do that this year.

2014 Totals

In 2014 we contributed $45,689.7 (114.22% of our goal of 40k), and we’ve made $29,804.04 in investment gains (147.10% of our planned total).

Our ending account balance (according to my numbers) was $413,181.62 (vs a planned $397,949.15)

6 thoughts on “December 2014 Early Retirement Progress

  1. Mom @ Three is Plenty

    It’s a combination of our contributions as well as our employer contributions, and both our employers contribute about 8% each. We didn’t max out the 401(k)/403(b) accounts this year, so I’m hoping for more contributions next year!

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