Detailed Financial Picture – January 2015

December’s Numbers

As of January 12, 2015, we are $13,500 in debt without a mortgage to speak of (yet).  We currently have $546,471.98 in assets.  Our investment accounts are at $425,862.38. Our Net Worth is $532,971.98, up from $522,285.88 last month (2.05% increase).

I almost forgot to include our HSA into the above values.  I only included the amount that’s in the “investment” side under investments and the remaining as cash.  Part of the large increase in assets was the 2250 that was contributed to our HSA for us by Dad’s company.  That won’t happen any more this year, but we’re contributing $367/mth which with a small change in December (to $363) will max out our HSA.  I’ve got it set up that 2250 stays in the “cash” account, and anything else above that gets swept into the investment piece.  We can then use it for medical expenses if we need to.  There’s a minimum balance of 2k in the “cash” part of the account.

The markets have been up and down since Christmas, and so have our balances.  I am enjoying the lower gas prices though!

We toured our half finished house on Friday, and the production manager is thinking we might move in in early March (about one month ahead of schedule).  It depends on when the hardwood flooring is delivered and if we have any more extreme cold snaps.  He said if the flooring is there by the end of the first week of February, it’s very likely we’ll be moving in at the end of February or early March.  Normally, I love cold weather, but this time I’m going to hope for mild weather so that we can move out of my mother’s house sooner!

The money for closing is sitting in our bank account, but if we close in February rather than march, we might have to float the cost of the refrigerator on our line of credit until we get the credit from the storage company.  We can already float the move for 30 days on our credit card (and get cash back!), which may be all we need.

Debt (in the order we’re paying it down):

  • Line of credit (8.75%): $0.00
  • Chase (4.99% for life): $ 0.00 
  • Student loans (aggregated 4.21%):  $0.00 
  • Car loan (0%): $13,500 (-500.00)
  • Mortgage (4.125%): $0.00 

Total paid off in December:  $500

6 thoughts on “Detailed Financial Picture – January 2015

    1. Mom

      So far, the winter is relatively mild, but this past week we’ve gotten about 6″ of snow and we’re expecting 4-8″ on Sunday night into Monday. It seems like it just hasn’t stopped snowing all week! And I want my garage even more now! It’s been 6 years since I had to clean off my car in the mornings, and I don’t like it!

  1. DivHut

    You are in a lot better shape than many Americans out there. You seem to have a very manageable debt and a decent chunk of assets. Paying off $500 in December is a step in the right direction. Look forward to following your continued journey.

    1. Mom

      I’d love to pay a lot more towards it, but we’re waiting to see how much we need for after we move into our house. Right now, it’s looking like we’ll have about 10-12k above and beyond closing costs, but we need to buy a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, some ceiling fans, and we want to buy a humidifier for the furnace (doesn’t come with one) and an automatic garage door opener. Once we’ve gotten through that, we’ll throw what’s left to the car. Since it’s at 0%, there’s really no rush other than that we don’t want to owe anything other than the mortgage.

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