Detailed Financial Picture – September 2015

August’s Numbers

As of September 10, 2015, we are $333,633.71 in debt with a mortgage.  We currently have $880,100.91 in assets.  Our investment accounts are at $458,255.91. Our Net Worth is $546,437.20, down from $579,248.78 last month (5.66% decrease)

This month, our line of credit is making a reappearance.  I got tired and stressed about not having a full month’s buffer in our accounts, so I pulled from our LoC to make one – we expect it’ll be paid in full in December.  I could have continued to float on our credit cards and timed payments to paychecks, but that was getting too stressful, so I stopped it – it’s worth the peace of mind and extra sleep at night to pay a little bit in interest.

The markets have been mean to us this month (along with everyone else), and we’re down 4.95% this month, despite contributing about $4500 to our accounts.  We’re still up 7.61% from the beginning of the year, but that’s all contributions.  We’re just continuing to contribute and hanging on for the ride!  I have one Roth account which has only FSTVX in it (advantage class), and it’s dropped below the 10k minimum, and I can’t add to it until I’ve done my taxes and are sure that I’ll be able to contribute this year 🙁  I’ll probably get a letter from Fidelity soon about kicking me back to FSTMX which has a slightly higher expense ratio unless the markets take a turn for the better.

We’re plugging along on the car payments, focusing now on the Line of Credit, and letting normal payments on the cars continue – at 0%, we still make a pretty good dent every month.

If you’re continuing to pay down debt, how is it going?

Debt (in the order we’re paying it down):

  • Line of Credit (8.75%): 7000 (+7000)
  • Car loan – RAV4 (0%): $9,750 (-500.00)
  • Car loan 2 – Camry (0%): $25,450 (-458.00)
  • Mortgage (3.875%): $291,463.71 (-482.40)

Total paid off in August:  -$5,559.60

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