Reducing the Grocery bill (aka done potty training – finally)

We are now “done” with potty training, and I’m more happy about the fact that we’re not buying any more of the almost $1 each night time pull-ups/diapers.  Daughter Person went almost two weeks with a dry pull-up every morning (except 1-2 accidents), and we asked her if she wanted to try sleeping with underwear instead, and she jumped at the idea.  She’s now gone two weeks with no pull-up, and only one accident.  I call that a win!  We’ll be giving friends who have a younger boy the remaining pull-ups for them to use.

I’m just happy that we’re not buying them any more.  We were using the Target brand “nighttime” pull-ups for older kids (knock off brand for “goodnites”) because she was too big for the night time version of huggies and pampers pull-ups (why the night time sizes stop at 3-4t and the daytime sizes stop at 5t is beyond me, most kids are delayed at night time training vs daytime training).  She’s happy about it too because she’s a “big girl” now.

Now, I just have to survive her starting Kindergarten in the fall!

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