Spring Cleaning

Total items out of the house: 187/365

And I only counted the large bin of diapering stuff I gave to to my friend as 3 things (diapers, diaper bag, and wipes).

I sold several smaller items on e-bay this past week, mostly more expensive clothing that Daughter Person had inherited or shoes that she never wore.  We also traded her velcro diapers for snap ones (the velcro was falling off at night), and I sold the velcro ones on ebay for $10/diaper.  These were all the pink ones that weren’t appropriate for my friend’s boy.  For diapers that needed repairing (and I was upfront about that in the description), that’s pretty good. I started the bidding at $25 for all 7 of them, and it went up to $70.  We only bought 6 diapers to replace them.  We’re doing a bit more diaper laundry, but since she’s only wearing them at night, it’s not too bad.

The Lupus Foundation is coming today to take the three large boxes of stuff off my front porch.  It’s all Daughter Person’s 24mth stuff (and 2T stuff that’s too small), some of my shirts I never wore all winter, and some of Dad’s shirts.  I also had her go through her toys and pick a few things that she was willing to donate.  She picked about 5 things – 2 of which I knew were her favorites (she likes to share) and I took them out of the box and hid incase they’re asked for in the future.  I also added a few things to the box that I hadn’t seen her play with in a while.

I freecycled her plastic slide and a few storage bins that I had cleaned out.  All largish items that weren’t worth much, but they’re out of the house.

We have a treadmill and exercise bike, and I think I’m going to get rid of the treadmill, but I’m going to wait until the end of the year when people are looking for them instead of now when craigslist has a glut of them from failed New Year’s Resolutions.  Dad’s undecided on the exercise bike.  I prefer to walk outside anyway – and I’ve been doing P90x3 – which doesn’t need a treadmill 🙂

I still see lots of things around the house that I want to get rid of, most of which I think will fetch something on Craigslist or eBay.  It’s quite freeing to get rid of things!

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    1. Mom Post author

      I’ve had the treadmill for almost 7 years now – and I used it almost all the time up until last year – then I decided that I’d rather go walking outside instead. Same with Dad’s exercise bike – he owned it before we met, and he used it up until our daughter was born (3 years ago…). Just not ready to let go of it when there’s a glut of them on craigslist 🙂

  1. Scott @ Youthful Investor

    I’ve found old electronics, especially dead cell phones actually make some great money. I’m not sure if people are buying them for the silver and gold in them or are using them for the replacement parts. Either way, that phone that just got downgraded from the new plan could easily fetch $100.

    1. Mom Post author

      My cell phone will only fetch about $20 – in working order. I’m saving for a new one, but I want a new computer more than I want a new cell phone!


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